Tuesday, August 21, 2012


MUSIC speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the wounded heart....well that surely speaks why Dabawenyos loves MUSIC so much.

That answered my questions why DMN aired for only less than 3 months now become the talk of the town. Airing various Davao's Best Band Musician here in the city and outside the city.  The first ever live streamed gig hit MINDANAO. DMN is ready to give the city even more...BETTER, BIGGER and much LOUDER.

DMN is proud to announce their partnerships with:

DMN didn't focus only on Davao's Talent but also in MINDANAO's TALENT as well.  With their new partners in helping promote local talents, events, venues I am pretty sure this will be a great PROMOTION for tourists to come here in Davao, showcasing them TALENTS from MINDANAO and giving them real DAVAO'S ENTERTAINMENT.

My Davao TV
One of the first websites in the city to realize the potential and reach that social media has to offer,My Davao TV’s latest venture is to start an online video channel that features original videos on everything that is Davao Music. Expect to see your favourite artists, music venues and gigs covered and featured as a Davao Music Nation on www.MyDavaoTv.com

PinoyTuner and Dig Radio
Pinoytuner is the premiere online multimedia channel in the country, which aims to promote local talent and bring quality, original Filipino sounds into the ears of the online music-loving community. It is the one-stop hub of four different communities, each representing its own music genreDIGRadio.ph (rock), Rice Radio (pop), Planet Jazz (jazz), and YoRadio (hip-hop). Davao Music Nation is proud to be able to contribute to this dynamic online entity, and to let the sound of Mindanao be heard all over the world.
Check out: www.pinoytuner.com

Radio Republic
Radio Republic is the latest online media channel with an unmistakable call, to unite Filipinosworldwide through music. Being the latest venture of 7101 Music Nation, www.RadioRepublic.ph provides us with a certified OPM experience that’s available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. They live stream a variety of different shows that highlights different genres, a solid voice of Filipinos, and now, with Davao Music Nation.

DAVAO CITY MUSIC SCENE is way too far from what other countries are doing now.  But with this progress DMN is doing, we can say that in the future we are going to LEVEL-UP with them or even  surpassing them(crossing my finger)if we are to give our FULL SUPPORT and DEDICATION to our LOCAL TALENTS.  Giving them encouragement to achieve their goals.

Hoping for a better talent to come and unity with music RISEN!   



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