Wednesday, August 22, 2012

GET INto the Davao’s Orange Box

Photo credit to DMN

Orange Box Studio started way back in 2009, but it was way different from how it is today. Also a musician, Carl Alminaza Magbanua, or Slaw to his friends built the studio with the intention of just setting it up for personal use. He had songs, and he just wanted a cheap and convenient place to record his songs. “Commercial studios are very expensive, you had to wait your turn, and basically, some places were just uncomfortable”. After a few years and gears however, the hobby grew to a studio that finally opened to the public.

Orange Box Recording Studio
Since then, they’ve been a favourite practice and recording spot of Davao’s indie bands like the Quasar Project, Anne Mendoza, Superseniors, Astronauts, Hush, Kwatro Medya, Garann, Rise From Oblivion and many more. There are several reasons why Orange Box has grew to become a favourite despite being far from the city. First, it’s cozy, second, it’s not as expensive, and third, the bands can get to work with really good people like Paeng Pulgar, Ace Bona, and Ace Sanchez.
When asked if he has any favourite bands to work with, Slaw answered, “I don’t have favourites, and I’m open to everyone, but I’d rather work with people who are easy to talk with and open to new ideas. Also especially those who are always on time!” he exclaimed, obviously recollecting a few moments, “but one of the best things about being located outside the city, is once they come here to record, you know they mean business. They came here for the quality, and they didn’t care that they had to travel a little further than usual.”

Slaw also expressed his thoughts about the slow progress of the music scene. “Since 2003, there has been little change in the music scene. Show bands get the gigs and the cash, while the indie bands play for free. The indie bands on the other hand, want the best recording but are hesitant to spend money, which is why there is very little progress in the scene. Another consideration would be the music venues. DBar  for example, is gone. There is hope though, there are bands that persevere even if they have to crawl their way to continue their music.” This is the reason he says, why he also continues to make plans for the future of Orange Box. He plans to get more gear upgrades, promos, or anything else to cater to the artists, and what they want for their music.
One of the efforts is bringing his recording stuff down from the comfort of Mintal to Sa’less in order to record DMN Amplified. “I want to expose my studio to more people, a bigger audience. At the same time, this is a new venture for me, so I believe this is part of the progress, my share for the progress of the Davao music scene.”

For those who are interested in practicing or recording, you can find Orange Box Recording Studio at 43 Bougainvilla st. Mintal, Davao City.



  1. this is a good way to enhance our voice right?

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