Saturday, March 2, 2013

VICE GANDA spoofs Willie Revillame at SHOWTIME

We all know that Vice Ganda is talented in giving out spoofs.  Watch this video and have a laughing trip this time with his own version of WILLIE REVILLAME'S angry moment with Ethel Booba and Ate Gay on his show.

Video credit to PINOY-AKO INFO

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Burning Beats: A Graffiti-Music Fusion

Graffiti not just global art form but becomes a worldwide expressions of emotions.

Much of today's music draws inspiration by graffiti art and vice versa.  And to give proper recognition and honor to this symbiotic relationship, DAVAO MUSIC NATION in collaboration with GRAVEFRESH, HIPHOUSE, /d/(rockshow davao), dck 


BURNING BEATS: A Graffiti-Music Fusion 

A simultaneous concert and graffiti art show showcasing the BEST OF DAVAO MUSIC and GRAFFITI ART on MARCH 2, 8PM at TEKANPLOR, SALESS BAR.

The locations of the show will be evenly split in one venue: 

The 2nd Floor will be the ROCK CONCERT Show
from Davao talents featuring the acts from Jad Montenegro, South Breed, Rise from Oblivion, and U.M.B.R.O.  

And on the ROOFTOP, you will see the FIRST HAND look from the skill and creativity of Graffiti Artist PYT, FUZZ, and other artists from dck with the sick beats courtesy of HIPHOUSE MUSIC and DJ John Game.

Entrance Fee: PHp30 only
(buy tickets on the said event date) 

For more info: visit DAVAO MUSIC NATION or call Jessica Madrazo +639426765123

MONSTERS INC. Goes to College

Super excited to watch this movie. Well I guess YOU are also excited too!

If you can still remember watching MONSTER INC., a scary monster who loves to sneak inside the rooms of children.  Children who love to dream anything and suddenly wake them up with a loud scream.

Again here is the movie produced by DISNEY/PIXAR'S, "MONSTERS UNIVERSITY".

Video owned by DisneyPixar   

Before they could hide in a closet and sneak under beds they should fulfill one requirements,and that is to go to COLLEGE. To learn the art of the ultimate scare.

Starring the original monster characters of an 17 years old MIKE WAZOWSKI(voiced by Billy Crystal) and the top scarier, 18 years old James P. "Sulley" Sullivan(voiced by John Goodman).

Photo credit to WIKI

Showing JUNE 2013 in Disney Digital 3D!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

GREAT BLENDING: Anna Rabtsun and David diMuzio

These two makes a great blending in singing
Tagalog song "KAHIT MAPUTI NA ANG BUHOK KO".  Anna Rabtsun is a Russian Model/Artist married to a Filipino man and lives here in the Philippines.  And David diMuzio an American singer/composer who loves to sing TAGALOG songs(click here)

Their YouTube video has totally gone viral! View over by 101, 649 for 5 days and still counting.


So refreshing and new to hear their voices, so unique and I love listening to it over and over again.

Great job Anna Rabtsun and David diMuzio more songs to come.....

Visit them:

Friday, February 22, 2013

"I LOVE U" by Rovic Ire Cuasito

The Newest Dance Single from Game Master itself Mr. Rovic Ire Cuasito.

Known him personally since were both members of the Ateneo Dance Troupe Davao Chapter and one of the original members of a popular dance group RHYTHMIC ILLUSION.

He's not only good at dancing but also he excels well in hosting...

and his first love the writing of songs as well as singing.

From his latest DANCE CRAZE Single...

Artist: Rovic Ire Cuasito
Lyrics & Music: Rovic Cuasito
Music & Arrangement: Lino Japz Cajegas
Mixed & Mastered: Ryan Cris Micabalo Rellon
Recorded 2 SoundTrack Recording-Studio

Feel Free to Download it, Don't forget to Share it and acknowledge who made it... Game Master Rovic Cuasito



Thursday, February 21, 2013


Another video with great performance from an unknown artist.  I don't know her name yet, but I'm sure this girl will make a NAME in the future.  With her own rendition of song "ALL BY MYSELF".


A look at different methods and styles on how 

great singers can do with their songs.

Good luck girl.  All the best.

   video originally posted here: APPROVED NA TALENT

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I wonder who are these three girls singing with their own version of the K-POP single from the South Korean musician PSY the GANGNAM STYLE.

Super love their version, way better than the original.

Video credit to khight hunter from YOUTUBE

UPDATE : Bit shock about the news I've read here CEBU PACIFIC, three girls are from Davao City, Philippines.  They're all Dabawenya like me.

UPDATE : Another news from a fellow blogger,  they're not from Davao but from Olongapo City.  Link here SALANGA JOHN PATRICK.


Friday, February 15, 2013


Saw this video at RT and I was amazed with what I saw,it seems that I am watching a scene from a movie ARMAGEDDON.

If you can still remember the movie ARMAGEDDON; there is a scene that really looks like this.  Wherein windows are destroyed due to strong impact and people got injured and others are killed.

Poster credit to WIKI

The only difference was in the movie it was a consistent METEOR SHOWER crashes like extremely strong and super blasting of lights and hundreds of people died.  In Russia, it has a strong blast with a very bright light and 500 people got injured and hurt according to the news(read here).

Chaos happened to the place of NEW YORK. People are panicking.  Everyone is shouting.  A movie that depicts a bad situation that will happen if the EARTH got hit by a METEORS.

This is just a MOVIE. What happened now in RUSSIAN URALS region is the fact.  It is a fact that the METEORS really and would hit our EARTH; any time, any day.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Sizzling Summer is nearing once again and people are getting ready to welcome the heat.

Are you ready to welcome the SUMMER HEAT? 

From the catchy video from SPRITE, the official start of the summer is here now!!!

It's important to get ready to deal with heat waves.  And the only thing that quenches your thirst is to drink SPRITE.  A fascinating drink that can give relief for our thirst.

From the video itself it becomes a phenomena being referred as the DRINK OF THE YOUTH.  I can attest to that, if I drink SPRITE it really gives me the adrenaline and confidence to perform my works well.  A drink that added energy.  SPRITE really OBEY MY THIRST.

Follow SPRITE on their TWITTER account and by using #ObeyYourThirst.

Monday, January 28, 2013


So excited with this first foreign movie release by STAR CINEMA; starred,produced, written and directed by JACKIE CHAN itself.

Photo credit to STAR CINEMA

CHINESE ZODIAC is set to be viewed on Philippines cinema this January 30.  The movie is all about an ADVENTURER and a TREASURE HUNTER named ASIAN HAWK played by no one else the great JACKIE CHAN. A man searches the world for a set of mystic artifacts-12 bronze heads of the animals from the Chinese zodiac.

Heard to be the last action film of Jackie Chan; but he made clarification for that, he said that he will still be active in making films as an actor.

A highly budgeted film for this year 2013.  With a total gross earning in CHINA $34.6M in 4 days only. Shot in eight countries. Whew!  What a MOVIE.

For you out there who loves JACKIE CHAN movie (like me)...hehehehehe..if you don't have time to watch this on a BIG SCREEN and you cannot wait for January 30; try this link here from


Wednesday, January 23, 2013


At the very least,  CELEBRATIONS should be fun. Once again Davao City will be celebrating 76th ARAW NG DABAW 2013. A month-long celebration that expected to have thousands of guests, visitors, tourists, transients, and travelers from all walks of life. In with this, the PARTY ANIMAL EVENTS PRODUCTION would like to invite you to come and join and get ready to be naughty at PLAYGROUND 2013 to be held at MARCO POLO GRAND BALLROOM.


Party will be on March 15 start at nine in the evening. Cocktail drinks are served within the lobby of the event area.

TICKET PRICE: PHp350 with 1 drink

For those wanted to avail their promo BUY 10 TICKETS and have 1 TICKET for FREE please contact these numbers  09427790888 or 09267063888, promo will end this FEBRUARY 15.

For ticket reservation and more information you may call Mr. Jommel Banez (numbers stated above).