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BUMP: International Female DJs LIVE in DAVAO CITY

BUMP: International Female DJs LIVE in DAVAO CITY: Hey another great news from Davao.   Bringing in international female DJs, one in September from USA and another in October from Switzer...

International Female DJs LIVE in DAVAO CITY

Hey another great news from Davao.  

Bringing in international female DJs, one in September from USA and another in October from Switzerland! Excited?!  

LIVE September 21, 2012

LIVE October 12, 2012
For updates just visit their FACEBOOK PAGE:
  2. DJ TapTap
Or stay tuned for more upcoming and more news and information  here in my blog. 

Just to update you: First to visit Davao this September will be DJ Blondie.  Ticket price will be announced soon.  Definitely not beyond PHp500.  Around PHp300-400 range.  Stay tuned for more updates. 


My Response to Leloy Claudio’s Commentary “OPM is Dead”

I got a permission from Jessica Madrazo, owner of the blog DAVAO MUSIC NATION to re-blog her post.  

photo credit: tech no logic via photo pin cc

Reading Leloy Claudio’s commentary that OPM is dead, I think he simply doesn’t like OPM and that’s ok; to each his own. But seriously, just because you don’t go to the scene, it doesn’t mean there is no scene. You are NOT the only audience in the world and it’s insulting to the artists you quoted here to say that their situation is hopeless. It’s short sighted of you to say that they’re simply closing ranks to protect a dying industry.
Like you, I had the same opinions about the Philippine art and music scene. But rather than write commentaries on why OPM and the Filipino arts movement is dead, my friends and I (at are doing what we can to make a dent at the problems you stated. We’re trying to get the local government involved and we’re educating the masses on OPM. Rather than bitch and whine about how bad the situation is (and we have every right to because we ARE part of the local music scene), we’re actually trying to make things better. We know the problems plaguing the industry but the difference between you and the rest of us is that we refuse to take this thing lying down. You’re right about everything you said about OPM. But it’s often easier to point out the problems than actually getting your hands dirty and doing something about these problems.
Musicians are not dumb nor are they delusional. We know that OPM is facing what seems like insurmountable challenges. My friends and I know it’s an uphill battle and we probably won’t see the fruits of our labours in our lifetime, but at least we’re doing something. We’re happy to see that somehow, despite the odds, musicians are still inspired to create because we’re helping them find an audience. They know they all won’t be big successes but at least they had an opportunity to share their craft. They had a chance to share their talent to their fellow Davaenoes and for one set, they moved people, created a moment, and became heroes.
OPM isn’t about sales; it isn’t about creating rock gods and pop princesses. Music isn’t about class or taste. If you think music is all about sales, fame and popularity, then I don’t think you’ve ever truly listened to music. Have you ever listened to “Ode to Joy” and felt true happiness? Have you listened to Gloc-9′s “Sirena” and empathized with the singer? Have you ever listened to “Kandungan” and felt tears run down your face?
If you don’t feel anything when you listen to music, then you have no right to talk about music. If you’ve never been entranced by a live set, if you’ve never felt the joy of creation, if you’ve never felt that deep connection with an artists or with fans from a few simple words and a few simple chords, then you have no right to write about music and no right to say that OPM is dead. It’s insulting to us who are working on finding ways to make Filipino music sustainable. It’s insulting to music labels who believe in the power of good music. It’s insulting to “poor” musicians who simply love creating music whether they have an audience or not. It’s also insulting to Eraseheads and Rico Blanco, musicians who worked their asses off, to be judged simply on their sales and popularity.
And it’s sad, overall, that you’d rather whine and complain than actually doing something to help. It’s a waste of your obviously superior intellect and a waste of your time. Anyone can write a commentary. Not everyone is brave enough or smart enough to try and grab near impossible problems by the balls and say, “Screw it, I’m going to do something anyway”. - by: Julia Jasmine Madrazo Sta. Romana

Friday, August 24, 2012

BUMP: Jad Montenegro-Amor a Davao-based Musician: THE RE...

BUMP: Jad Montenegro-Amor a Davao-based Musician: THE RE...: Photo credit to Jad Montenegro-Amor I am truly proud to introduce a new star, another Davao's Pride in the name of Jad Montenegro-Amor....

Jad Montenegro-Amor a Davao-based Musician: THE REAL DEAL

Need help guys please do VOTE our Davao's very own JAD MONTENEGRO in the STIGAWARDS.  Just CLICK HERE.


Photo credit to Jad Montenegro-Amor

I am truly proud to introduce a new star, another Davao's Pride in the name of Jad Montenegro-Amor.

A 27 years old. Her passion of sounds, words, and tunes makes her continue to do the things she loved. Moving to one band to another band doesn't stop her for love of MUSIC.  She had stints in all girl bands and in a Goth music band.

I really admired her style and the witty image she is trying to project to her fans.  I just known her through her Facebook Account and her website JAD MONTENEGRO.COM.  

In her early career she played rhythm for a pop punk band called APOLLO CREED.  Then she played lead guitarist for a band GLORY DAYS OF SUMMER.  When she finally went back to Davao, she formed her own band and now recorded her first extended play(EP) entitled "FIXED POINTS and PENDULUMS".   It really rose sky-high, leading the independent music scene in Davao City.

For you to believe me LISTEN to this:

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BUMP: GET INto the Davao’s Orange Box

BUMP: GET INto the Davao’s Orange Box: Photo credit to DMN Orange Box Studio started way back in 2009, but it was way different from how it is today. Also a musician, Carl A...

GET INto the Davao’s Orange Box

Photo credit to DMN

Orange Box Studio started way back in 2009, but it was way different from how it is today. Also a musician, Carl Alminaza Magbanua, or Slaw to his friends built the studio with the intention of just setting it up for personal use. He had songs, and he just wanted a cheap and convenient place to record his songs. “Commercial studios are very expensive, you had to wait your turn, and basically, some places were just uncomfortable”. After a few years and gears however, the hobby grew to a studio that finally opened to the public.

Orange Box Recording Studio
Since then, they’ve been a favourite practice and recording spot of Davao’s indie bands like the Quasar Project, Anne Mendoza, Superseniors, Astronauts, Hush, Kwatro Medya, Garann, Rise From Oblivion and many more. There are several reasons why Orange Box has grew to become a favourite despite being far from the city. First, it’s cozy, second, it’s not as expensive, and third, the bands can get to work with really good people like Paeng Pulgar, Ace Bona, and Ace Sanchez.
When asked if he has any favourite bands to work with, Slaw answered, “I don’t have favourites, and I’m open to everyone, but I’d rather work with people who are easy to talk with and open to new ideas. Also especially those who are always on time!” he exclaimed, obviously recollecting a few moments, “but one of the best things about being located outside the city, is once they come here to record, you know they mean business. They came here for the quality, and they didn’t care that they had to travel a little further than usual.”

Slaw also expressed his thoughts about the slow progress of the music scene. “Since 2003, there has been little change in the music scene. Show bands get the gigs and the cash, while the indie bands play for free. The indie bands on the other hand, want the best recording but are hesitant to spend money, which is why there is very little progress in the scene. Another consideration would be the music venues. DBar  for example, is gone. There is hope though, there are bands that persevere even if they have to crawl their way to continue their music.” This is the reason he says, why he also continues to make plans for the future of Orange Box. He plans to get more gear upgrades, promos, or anything else to cater to the artists, and what they want for their music.
One of the efforts is bringing his recording stuff down from the comfort of Mintal to Sa’less in order to record DMN Amplified. “I want to expose my studio to more people, a bigger audience. At the same time, this is a new venture for me, so I believe this is part of the progress, my share for the progress of the Davao music scene.”

For those who are interested in practicing or recording, you can find Orange Box Recording Studio at 43 Bougainvilla st. Mintal, Davao City.



BUMP: ELY BUENDIA and BAMBOO LIVE in DAVAO CITY: Witness the 2 Icons in Rock Music, Ely Buendia and Francisco Mañalac or Bamboo as they perform in Davao City this August 25, 2012.  Phot...


Witness the 2 Icons in Rock Music, Ely Buendia and Francisco Mañalac or Bamboo as they perform in Davao City this August 25, 2012. 

Photo credit to JE AN of DKK
This is once in a lifetime performance so don't dare to miss it! 

With the special performance of one of the hottest Girl Group in the Philippines, the MOCHA GIRLS. 

For inquiries of tickets and reservations of seats, just call or text:0948-921-0097

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BUMP: THE MISTRESS: The Mistress September 12, 2012 On Theaters John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo together again for their 10th year anniversary as LOVE TEAM...


The Mistress
September 12, 2012
On Theaters

John Lloyd and Bea Alonzo together again for their 10th year anniversary as LOVE TEAM, they will portray a more mature individuals in a STAR CINEMA movie "THE MISTRESS" directed by Olivia Lamasan.

The story depicts on a true to life and very controversial issue.  The infidelity of a person to his/her partner.   Sari Alfonso(Bea Alonzo)and JD Torres(John Lloyd) whose roads crossed unexpectedly. A love that grows in a wrong time and with a right person. What will you do if that right person belongs to somebody?  Well better watch out for this movie this coming September 12, 2012 in theaters nationwide.

Another hit for STAR CINEMA, following their hit movies ONE MORE CHANCE(2007) and MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY(2010).

Once released this will be a sure great hit and a talk of the town movie.

For more information about the movie, you can log on to STAR CINEMA, and StarCinema Facebook Page 




MUSIC speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the wounded heart....well that surely speaks why Dabawenyos loves MUSIC so much.

That answered my questions why DMN aired for only less than 3 months now become the talk of the town. Airing various Davao's Best Band Musician here in the city and outside the city.  The first ever live streamed gig hit MINDANAO. DMN is ready to give the city even more...BETTER, BIGGER and much LOUDER.

DMN is proud to announce their partnerships with:

DMN didn't focus only on Davao's Talent but also in MINDANAO's TALENT as well.  With their new partners in helping promote local talents, events, venues I am pretty sure this will be a great PROMOTION for tourists to come here in Davao, showcasing them TALENTS from MINDANAO and giving them real DAVAO'S ENTERTAINMENT.

My Davao TV
One of the first websites in the city to realize the potential and reach that social media has to offer,My Davao TV’s latest venture is to start an online video channel that features original videos on everything that is Davao Music. Expect to see your favourite artists, music venues and gigs covered and featured as a Davao Music Nation on

PinoyTuner and Dig Radio
Pinoytuner is the premiere online multimedia channel in the country, which aims to promote local talent and bring quality, original Filipino sounds into the ears of the online music-loving community. It is the one-stop hub of four different communities, each representing its own music (rock), Rice Radio (pop), Planet Jazz (jazz), and YoRadio (hip-hop). Davao Music Nation is proud to be able to contribute to this dynamic online entity, and to let the sound of Mindanao be heard all over the world.
Check out:

Radio Republic
Radio Republic is the latest online media channel with an unmistakable call, to unite Filipinosworldwide through music. Being the latest venture of 7101 Music Nation, provides us with a certified OPM experience that’s available 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. They live stream a variety of different shows that highlights different genres, a solid voice of Filipinos, and now, with Davao Music Nation.

DAVAO CITY MUSIC SCENE is way too far from what other countries are doing now.  But with this progress DMN is doing, we can say that in the future we are going to LEVEL-UP with them or even  surpassing them(crossing my finger)if we are to give our FULL SUPPORT and DEDICATION to our LOCAL TALENTS.  Giving them encouragement to achieve their goals.

Hoping for a better talent to come and unity with music RISEN!