Sunday, December 2, 2012

GRAPHICON Davao 2012

This is the moment that Davaeñoes should expose to graphic and motion design. Learning
from the experts of MULTIMEDIA and GRAPHIC DESIGN, BRANDING, VISUAL EFFECTS, and WEB TECHNOLOGY organized by DUAAD or Davao United Association of Animators and Designers.  

Team DUAAD is a homegrown talent in graphics.   First launched last year of Dec.1, 2011, at Abreeza Mall Davao.

And this year, same date but different location.  A whole new venture of learning, fun and excitement in the creative minds of graphic artists, enthusiasts, professionals,amateurs,student participants that promises a new nature of creativity. 

As for DUAAD TEAM, the only vision is to cultivate and inspire people of all walks of  life that have passion in GRAPHIC ARTS. The commitment and advocacy even if they have different viewpoints/insights that can help promote once interest.

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