Sunday, February 24, 2013

GREAT BLENDING: Anna Rabtsun and David diMuzio

These two makes a great blending in singing
Tagalog song "KAHIT MAPUTI NA ANG BUHOK KO".  Anna Rabtsun is a Russian Model/Artist married to a Filipino man and lives here in the Philippines.  And David diMuzio an American singer/composer who loves to sing TAGALOG songs(click here)

Their YouTube video has totally gone viral! View over by 101, 649 for 5 days and still counting.


So refreshing and new to hear their voices, so unique and I love listening to it over and over again.

Great job Anna Rabtsun and David diMuzio more songs to come.....

Visit them:


  1. They are both good in singing tagalog songs. It sounds refreshing. Their tagalog is well pronounced.

  2. karamihan kasi ng foreign language ng mga russian ay filipino.