Thursday, February 28, 2013

Burning Beats: A Graffiti-Music Fusion

Graffiti not just global art form but becomes a worldwide expressions of emotions.

Much of today's music draws inspiration by graffiti art and vice versa.  And to give proper recognition and honor to this symbiotic relationship, DAVAO MUSIC NATION in collaboration with GRAVEFRESH, HIPHOUSE, /d/(rockshow davao), dck 


BURNING BEATS: A Graffiti-Music Fusion 

A simultaneous concert and graffiti art show showcasing the BEST OF DAVAO MUSIC and GRAFFITI ART on MARCH 2, 8PM at TEKANPLOR, SALESS BAR.

The locations of the show will be evenly split in one venue: 

The 2nd Floor will be the ROCK CONCERT Show
from Davao talents featuring the acts from Jad Montenegro, South Breed, Rise from Oblivion, and U.M.B.R.O.  

And on the ROOFTOP, you will see the FIRST HAND look from the skill and creativity of Graffiti Artist PYT, FUZZ, and other artists from dck with the sick beats courtesy of HIPHOUSE MUSIC and DJ John Game.

Entrance Fee: PHp30 only
(buy tickets on the said event date) 

For more info: visit DAVAO MUSIC NATION or call Jessica Madrazo +639426765123


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